EVG 610 Mask Aligner


The EVG 610 aligner is a UV-exposure tool designed for contact and proximity (up to 1 mm) exposure on up to 200 mm wafers with 5”, 7”, and 9” photomasks. The aligner utilizes a collimated UV LED light source to expose a previously coated photoresist, selectively, with the aid of a chromium plated photomask. The UV light from the aligner transfers the photomask pattern onto the photoresist by altering the solubility of the exposed photoresist. The photoresist is then submerged in an alkaline developer solution, rinsed and dried. Depending on whether the photoresist was positive (exposed areas dissolve more readily) or negative (exposed areas do no readily dissolve), the pattern left behind will either match the mask or will be the inverse of the mask image.

  • UV Exposure/Mask Alignment
ASU Unit
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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Usage (assumes no new photomask needed) $52/hr $68/hr Photomask design available for separate charge
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