GEN II Acid and Base Hood


Wafer cleaning is commonly the first step and may be used repeatedly throughout a process fabrication sequence. This may involve the use of acid and basic solutions, followed by a water rinse.

This is a fully Automated Bench. Set up to run SC1clean 1:2:40 in the Megasonic process tank, and DIW QDR in the Second tank. IPA Vapor Dry is the final step. The Megasonic tank can be run with DIW only and is used for some cleans during initial steps of the process. SC1 Clean and DIW only clean times can be adjusted. The Megasonic power can be turned on or off for each recipe. The QDR rinse times are adjustable although the Vapor Dry times are not adjustable.

This tool is to be run by FEDC personnel only.

Wet chemical etching is available with the following chemicals:     

  1. SC1 process with Megasonic. (1 part NH4OH + 2 parts H2O2+ 40 parts DIW)  
  2. DI H20 QDR Tank
  3. IPA Vapor Dryer
  • Wafer cleaning
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