ASU - onsite work standard priority  $38 per hour plus materials
ASU - offsite work standard priority please contact us at idfcore@asu.edu or 480-965-3300


All services are billed at a 1-hour minimum. The rates listed above do not include charges for materials or hardware. Refer to our estimate and materials policy below for more details.

  • Estimates for labor and material costs are available as requested.
  • An estimate will automatically be generated for all jobs exceeding $1,000.
  • Estimates are subject to variations of prices (it is not a quote).
  • Any design time will be billed regardless of approval.
  • An updated estimate may be required if further design work is requested.
  • Material charges over $1,000 will require a deposit.
  • We will not charge for any unused estimated time.
  • If an estimate is requested, prior authorization will be required before ordering materials.
  • Each estimate includes a labor cost, material cost and an estimated start date.
  • Jobs that require no estimate and have material charges over $250 will need prior approval.


Contact: idfcore@asu.edu | 480-965-3300