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CHM 593 - Applied Projects: Glassblowing

This 1-credit upper level course is taught by an expert glassblower and offered to graduate students each spring semester. During the course, students learn basic glass working techniques to complete simple repairs and glassware constructions in the laboratory.

CHM 593 – Applied Projects: Glassblowing class manual

Contact: Christine Roeger, Glassblowing Facility Manager, | 480-965-3503 


Self-Service Shop Access

  • appointment required for access to the Self-Service Machine Shop
  • access times available are offered Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • to register, request self-service machine shop training and access


  • registered students, undergraduate (requires approval), graduate, post-doctoral (with faculty advisor approval)
  • classified staff, academic and service professionals
  • faculty and visiting faculty


  • complete the EH&S Machine Shop Safety course


  • shop safety
  • how to read, use and care for precision measuring instruments
    • units of measurement
    • understanding drawings
  • working with sheet metal
  • fabricating parts using a milling machine
  • fabricating parts using a lathe
    • safety practices/procedures
    • material selection