Solid Models from Virtual to Reality

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Dr. Siddharth Karkare will present an overview on solid modeling and the many ways it is used in mechanical engineering project including the manufacturing of project components. Dr. Karkare, who is an alumni of Cornell University and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, joined the ASU Physics Department in 2018 and is developing an advanced photoemission laboratory to study and develop electron sources for microscopy and particle accelerator applications.

Additionally, Jerry Lacy, an Instrument Maker Designer, will review how solid modeling was used for the development of a ultra-high vacuum system. The system has been developed to transfer photocathode samples between different surface preparation, diagnostic and photoemission analysis chambers in ultra-high vacuum. This TEC Talk will be held via Zoom webcast.

TEC Talks: Technology, Expertise, Collaboration. The TEC Talks seminar series, presented by ASU Core Facilities, focuses on cutting edge technology and its practical application. The objective is to drive innovation in discovery, from project conception and funding through data analysis and publication. The goal is achieved by addressing scientific problems with customized solutions and fostering collaborations between researchers and core facility scientists.