BD FACSymphony S6 Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter


A 6-way sorter equipped with 5 lasers, ranging from UV to red, and capable of analyzing up to 23 different colors simultaneously. The S6 is of six-way sorting into tubes, allowing more populations to be collected at once. The instrument is also capable of sorting into 96-well plates, slides, and most standard-sized centrifuge tubes.

The Symphony is contained in a BSL-2 rated biological safety cabinet and has been outfitted with a circulating water bath, offering an aseptic and temperature-controlled sorting environment.

The FACSymphony S6 adds cutting-edge technology to the performance of the BD FACSAria™ Fusion Cell Sorter and the innovative optics of the BD FACSymphony™ A5 Cell Analyzer to power your scientific discovery.

  • Fluorescently activated cell sorting
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BD Symphony S6 Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter