Flow cytometry is a quantitative, single cell (or particle) technology that has a broad array of applications that stretches across many disciplines. Immunologists and plant biologists alike can see the power of flow cytometry in their research.

The Flow Cytometry Facility at ASU offers the following services and applications:

  • Cell Analysis (Immunophenotyping)
    • Cell Surface Markers
    • Intracellular targets
      • Cytokines
      • Transcription Factors
      • Phosphorylated Proteins
    • Fluorescent Proteins
    • Cell Viability & Apoptosis (Annexin V staining)
    • Fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH)
    • DNA Content
      • Cell Cycle
      • Ploidy
    • Cell Proliferation
    • Metabolomic Assays
    • Microvesicles
    • Cytokine-capture Bead Arrays
  • Fluorescently Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
    • Cell and nuclei sorting
    • Single Cell Index Sorting to 96 well plates
      • Cell Line Generation
    • Sorting to multi-well plates
    • Bulk sorting into 1.5mL, 12x75mm, and 15mL tubes
  • Experimental Consultation
    • Panel Design
    • Protocol Development
    • Wet Lab Services
    • FlowJo Site Licenses & Data Analysis Computers
    • Results Interpretation & Figure Generation


This is not an all-inclusive list of flow cytometry applications. Please contact for any questions regarding any omissions to this list.