News and events


TEC Talk: Tracking pH in Oocytes with Live-cell Confocal and Ratiometric Imaging

  • KE Core Facilities
  • 2020-07-21
Brian LoManto highlights the live-cell microscopy providing insight into the dynamics of biological processes. This approach can be combined with a wide array of fluorescent, live-cell probes which give intensity or spectral read-outs of cellular physiology with temporal resolution of seconds or less. This project looks to determine if human oocytes at the GV, MI, or MII phase have the ability to modulate their pH in response to media composition changes. This event will be held via webcast.

Eyring Materials Center Welcomes Dr. Shize Yang

  • KE Core Facilities
  • 2020-06-30
The Eyring Materials Center is proud to welcome Dr. Shize Yang to the team. Dr. Yang brings a high level of expertise in the area of advanced electron microscopy, having focused on the field for over ten years and performing work in national laboratories. Read more.

A History of Mars

  • KE Core Facilities
  • 2020-05-06
Imagine a Mars that isn’t a deserted wasteland. Picture a patchwork of rivers crisscrossing the planet, perhaps emptying into a large freshwater lake. Or glaciers, flowing across the surface and carving channels into the rock. And now the big question: Did Mars ever have the environmental conditions to support life?