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The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Laboratory offers the following services for ASU and external customers:

  • Liquid-solution CW EPR (X-band)
  • Frozen-solution CW EPR (X-band)
  • Pulsed EPR at X-band and Q-band
  • Time-resolved EPR


A free consultation is available to everyone. Contact the manager ( to set up your consultation.

All EPR customers must create free accounts on iLab. Customers who want to run EPR experiments at low temperature, using liquid nitrogen or liquid helium, must contact the manager ( to check the availability of the proper cryogen before scheduling them.

Follow the instructions below to set up an account and schedule time on the instrument.

To set up your iLab account
  1. If you do not have an iLab account, go to the ASU iLab home page and follow the instructions to set up your account.