MR 400 MHz NMR (Walk-up)


The Varian MR400 is the dedicated walk-up instrument for routine solution state NMR. It is equipped with a 5 mm broadband observe probe and a Pro-Tune accessory for automatic probe tuning. The standard configuration is for 1H and C13. However, the instrument is capable of all NMR active nuclei with Larmor frequencies from N15 to P31. This instrument can be equipped with a 10mm probe and an additional 5mm probe optimized for 1H detection.

  • routine 1-D/2-D solution state NMR for small molecules and heteronuclei
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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Equipment use (minimum use 0.5 hours) $13.50/hour $19.57/hour

2-8 hours: $4/hr ASU, $6.16 non-profit

8+ hours: $1.25/hr ASU, $6.16 non-profit