Femtosecond Transient Spectrometer (BBPP)


The femtosecond pump-probe spectrometer is for transient absorbance change measurements. The system contains three pump-probe optical setups, each optimized for a specific type of measurements. The shared excitation source consists of a KHz regeneratively amplified Ti:S laser and two optical parametric amplifiers (Spectra Physics). Together, the system provides excitation between 270–1550 nm with 150 fs pulses. The repetition rate is between 1 and 1000 Hz. The two broadband pump-probe detection systems are capable of recording complete absorbance change spectra from 400–1000 nm. The third optical detecting system has the capability to perform single-wavelength absorbance change measurements with higher signal-to-noise ratio. All systems can measure transient absorbance changes up to 7 ns delay with a 100 fs time resolution.

  • Pump-probe transient absorption spectroscopy
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Equipment use (base time 2 hours) $22/hr $27.50/hr

Up to 10 hours

Instrument start-up fee $25