Picosecond-microsecond fluorescence spectrometer (StrCam)


The time-resolved fluorescence spectrometer system consists of a femtosecond Titanium:Sapphire laser system operated at both MHz and KHz repetition rates (Coherent). The MHz system is a broadband Ti:S oscillator coupled with a pulse selector and a second harmonic generator, covers a wavelength region from 70–1000 nm and 350–500 nm and has a repetition rate from single shot (1 Hz) to 76 MHz. The KHz system uses the MHz oscillator as a seed laser to pump a regenerative amplifier and an OPA operated between 100–250 KHz. The output wavelength covers from 250–750 nm. The detecting system consists of a spectrograph and a streak camera with fast and slow time sweep units. The system is designed to record fluorescence signal as a function of time and wavelength with a time resolution of 5 ps and wavelength region from 320–950 nm.

  • Streak camera time-resolved spectroscopy
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