Picosecond Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting I (TCSPC1)


Two laser sources are available to provide excitation wavelength from 370–940 nm: a femtosecond Ti:S laser (Spectra Physics) with a frequency doubler and a pulse selector to cover excitation wavelength region from 350–470 nm and from 700–940 nm. The laser can be operated at 0.4, 0.8 and 4 MHz. Additional excitation in the wavelength region from 450–750 nm is provided by a supercontinuum white light laser with 6-ps pulses (Fianium, SP450). The Beker-Hickl TCSPC card has a 40 ps instrument response. The detection system consists of a visible and a near IR MCP-PMT capable of recording fluorescence kinetics from 330–1100 nm and up to 2μs in time.

  • single photon counting
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Equipment use (base time 2 hours) $17.50/hr $21.88/hr Instrument start-up fee $20