An evaluation plan is developed in collaboration with project or program leadership to define the goals and objectives that need to be measured. UOEEE uses quantitative and qualitative methods, often data gathered from stakeholders through surveys, interviews and focus groups. This data is collected to directly evaluate the extent to which goals and objectives are achieved.

UOEEE is able to assist with:

  • Development of evaluation sections for grant proposals in kind.
  • Facilitation of program logic model development.
  • Facilitation of SWOT analysis and planning or prioritization.
  • Development measurable outcomes based on goals or objectives.
  • Development of protocols and administration of collection procedures to obtain data to support the evaluation goals or objectives, such as focus groups, surveys and interviews.
  • Evaluation data analysis and results, such as reports, presentation, and discussion of recommendations.
  • Workshop facilitation and capacity building for university units.


Popular applications

  • K-12 curriculum development and implementation.
  • Outreach and afterschool programs.
  • Undergraduate or graduate student mentoring and professional development.
  • Undergraduate or graduate student curriculum development.
  • Research team collaboration and efficacy.
  • Summer programs.
  • Workshop evaluation.