The AIMS Center is able to assist with:

  • System health management and prognosis.
  • Multiscale modeling.
  • Molecular dynamics and continuum mechanics.
  • Material characterization and testing for composite, metallic, hybrid, and superalloy materials.
  • Intelligent design and multidisciplinary optimization.
  • Surface and interface mechanics.
  • Multifunctional materials and adaptive systems.
  • Information management and signal processing.
  • Data fusion, mining and informatics.


Popular applications

  • Multiscale material characterization to calibrate microstructural features to global mechanical properties and damage behavior.
  • Multiscale thermomechanical material modeling to capture nonlinear material behavior including inelasticity and damage.
  • Sensor array optimization for structural health monitoring, prognosis and nondestructive evaluation.
  • Anomaly and fault detection using neural networks and machine learning.