Equipment located in Health and Clinical Research Services core facility in downtown Phoenix:

Equipment Techniques
Edan iM50 Vitals Monitor Monitoring of 3/5 lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory function, SpO2 pulse oximetery, noninvasive blood pressure, pulse rate and 2 - temp sensors
GE Lunar iDXA (General Electric) Bone density and body composition by region or whole body, CoreScan software estimates visceral adipose tissue (VAT), Vertebral fracture assessment (VFA), Specialized pediatric software, 450lb weight limit
GE MAC 2000 Resting ECG Analysis System Clear, accurate ECG data with a microprocessor augmented electrocardiograph 10 - leadwire, 12 - lead simultaneous acquisition and programmable lead configuration
Hokinson Rapid Inflation Cuff Rapid cuff inflation system with cuffs for brachial and femoral cuffs. Cuff pressure from 0 - 300 mmHg
Oscar 2 Ambulatory Blood Pre ssure Monitor with SphygmoCo 24 - HR Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor featuring options to measure standard in central blood pressure and arterial stiffness measurements from AtCor Medical
Seca 286 Ultrasonic Measuring Station with Voice Guidance Precision and high - speed measuring system using ultrasound technology and a hands - free design to allow social distancing during measurements of height and weight
Seca mVSA 535 EMR - validated Spot - check Vital Signs Monitor Monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, SpO2 pulse oximetery, pulse rate and 2 - temp sensors
SphygmoCor Xcel Central Arterial pressure analysis PWA/PWV - Atcor Medical Noninvasive central blood pressure (NcBP) waveform assessment. SphygmoCor XCEL provides measures of the central arterial pressure waveform and pulse wave velocity as well as an asses sment of arterial stiffness via waveform analysis
Tanita TBF - 400 Detailed analysis of Weight, Body Fat %, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Water Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Body Mass Index. 600 lb. (270 kg) capacity and a portable design suited for in - office or remote use
Terason Usmart 3300 Ultrasound system Portable ultrasound system equipped with 3 imaging transducers for brachial and femoral flow mediated dilation studies, cardiac, vascular, transcranial, abdominal, lung, nerve and musculoskeletal applications, Linear L 15 - 4 MHz, Phased 4 - 2 MHz