Browser-Based Interactive Computing Environment Makes Resources Accessible

Accessing Research Computing resources has never been easier than with our browser-based interactive computing environment powered by the Open OnDemand interface. By logging in through this single sign-on interface, using your ASURITE login and password, you can manage file systems, create and monitor jobs, view and manage interactive sessions, and so much more!

Artificial Intelligence Support

Need help using Artificial Intelligence or accessing an intensive compute platform for your research? ASU Research Computing has a host of resources to boost your research output potential with these powerful technologies. 

  • Research Computing houses a large local pool of data center-class graphical processing units which are critical for running AI models. ASU’s Sol supercomputer is one of the top-ranked supercomputers in the world, comprising over 18,000 CPUs and over 200 NVIDIA A100 GPUs
  • Numerous AI applications are installed on Sol and freely available for faculty use. These include analytical AI tools such as TensorFlow and Pytorch, predictive AI tools like AlphaFold2, and open-source large language models like ChatGPT. Research Computing offers a collection of downloadable public models and template notebooks to provide you with examples of data processing workflows.
  • The Research Technology Office outreach and engagement team can assist any ASU researcher interested in bringing AI into their computational workflow. These supercomputing resources are meant to support the development of short-term, proof-of-concept projects.

Popular Software Applications

A variety of software packages are available on Research Computing's resources. Below is a representation of some of our most popular software applications.

  • Python—and Juypter interface—including many modules, including tensorflow, numpy, scipy and pandas
  • R—and RStudio interface—including many packages such as tidyverse and bioinformatics tools and other statistical packages such as sas and stata
  • Domain-specific packages, such as LAMMPS, WRF, GATK, Rosetta and Gromacs

Resources and Capabilities

ASU Research Computing offers a team of systems professionals, architects, scientific software engineers, and research facilitators who provide expertise in all areas of computing, including parallel computing, big data analytics, scientific visualization, high-speed networking, and cybersecurity. 

Dynamic Infrastructure that responds to your variable IT needs.

Dynamic infrastructure that responds to your variable research IT needs

  • large-scale data storage
  • secure networking
  • cloud computing
  • variety of software packages
  • access to Internet2

25,000 subsidized core hours per month, per researcher.

Access abundant CPU/GPU resources to scale up your computation

  • over 35,000 CPU cores
  • large scratch space
  • over 580 GPU accelerators
  • researcher and departmental customizations
  • office hours and consultation services

A team of experts to guide and support you.

A team of experts to guide and support you

  • custom research technology solutions
  • access to research and education networks
  • research proposal support
  • ad hoc consultation and robust training offerings

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