Browser-Based Interactive Computing Environment Makes Resources Accessible

Accessing Research Computing resources has never been easier than with our browser-based interactive computing environment powered by the Open OnDemand interface. By logging in through this single sign-on interface, using your ASURITE login and password, you can manage file systems, create and monitor jobs, view and manage interactive sessions, and so much more!

Popular Software Applications

A variety of software packages are available on Research Computing's resources. Below is a representation of some of our most popular software applications.

  • Python—and Juypter interface—including many modules, including tensorflow, numpy, scipy and pandas
  • R—and RStudio interface—including many packages such as tidyverse and bioinformatics tools and other statistical packages such as sas and stata
  • Domain-specific packages, such as LAMMPS, WRF, GATK, Rosetta and Gromacs

Resources and Capabilities

ASU Research Computing offers a team of systems professionals, architects, scientific software engineers, and research facilitators who provide expertise in all areas of computing, including parallel computing, big data analytics, scientific visualization, high-speed networking, and cybersecurity. 

Dynamic Infrastructure that responds to your variable IT needs.

Dynamic infrastructure that responds to your variable research IT needs

  • large-scale data storage
  • secure networking
  • cloud computing
  • variety of software packages
  • access to Internet2

25,000 subsidized core hours per month, per researcher.

Access abundant CPU/GPU resources to scale up your computation

  • over 35,000 CPU cores
  • large scratch space
  • over 580 GPU accelerators
  • researcher and departmental customizations
  • office hours and consultation services

A team of experts to guide and support you.

A team of experts to guide and support you

  • custom research technology solutions
  • access to research and education networks
  • research proposal support
  • ad hoc consultation and robust training offerings

Contact us

Would you like to learn more about our services? Are you looking for a specific software package? Contact our team at with your questions.