The Goldwater Environmental Laboratory (GEL) is a shared-use facility that provides multiple analytical services to assist researchers with analysis for chemical and ecological applications. The facility houses instrumentation for elemental analysis, surface area and porosity measurements, gas chromatography and isotopic analysis of greenhouse gases, ion chromatography, and both discrete and flow-injection options for analyses. 

GEL offers the TriStar II 3020, which is a fully automated, three-station analyzer capable of increasing the speed and efficiency of quality control analyses, with the accuracy, resolution, and data reduction to meet most research needs. In addition, the Thermo iCAP6300 ICP-OES is capable of rapid, simultaneous measurement of up to 70 elements in aqueous and organic solutions and is equipped with an auto-sampler with a capacity of up to 240 samples. The dual view design offers the flexibility of axial view for lowest detection limits and radial view for reduced interference; ideal for complex samples encountered in environmental research. 

GEL also provides a wide variety of support and equipment options to assist with sample preparation needs prior to analysis. GEL provides established procedures and protocols for all instruments and training assistance for researchers if requested. The experienced GEL staff are committed to providing quality and timely technical support to meet the analytical needs of researchers.