METAL can assist with:

  • sample preparation (microwave digestion, multi-acid digestion, ball milling, microbalance weighing, centrifuging)
  • elemental and ionic quantitation
  • greenhouse gas analysis
  • physical property measurement
  • carbon and nitrogen analysis (solutions)
  • CH4 & CO2 carbon isotope analysis
  • concentration of trace metals, REE, some major elements in a wide variety of sample types and over a large dynamic range by ICP-OES or ICP-MS
  • high-precision radiogenic and mass-dependent isotope ratio analyses of much of the periodic table by MC-ICP-MS
  • measurement of isotope ratios (mainly C, N, O, and H) by IRMS


Popular applications

  • water and aqueous solution/suspension analysis
  • soil and sediment analysis
  • tissue (plant, animal, microbe) and organic matter analysis
  • synthetic material and compound analysis
  • atmospheric composition, nitrogen fixation
  • surface area and porosity analysis
  • isotope ratios in natural and synthetic materials