Equipment Techniques
ANALYTICAL: Agilent 7890 automated gas analyzer Detection of greenhouse gases CO2/CH4 and N2O via Li-820 CO2 detector, FID for CH4 and ECD for N2O.
ANALYTICAL: BET surface area and porosity analysis - Tristar II Plus Surface area and porosity measurements on solids by gas adsorption
ANALYTICAL: CHN elemental analysis – PE 2400 Flash combustion of sample for TCD determination of carbon, hydrogen or nitrogen
ANALYTICAL: Discrete analyzer - Seal AQ2 Discrete reaction vessel colorimetric analysis for nutrients in aqueous, extracts and digestions
ANALYTICAL: Flow injection analysis - Lachat QC 8000 Flow injection colorimetric analysis of water, waste water, seawater and extracts
ANALYTICAL: Total organic carbon/nitrogen analysis - Shimadzu TOC-V Combustion catalytic oxidation and NDIR determination of carbon and nitrogen in aqueous samples.
ICP: Agilent 5900 optical emission spectrometer (with SVDV) Inductively Coupled Plasma detection using radial or duo plasma with axial option source for elemental or metal determination
ICP: Thermo Scientific Neptune MC-ICP-MS High-precision isotope ratio analysis
ICP: Thermo Scientific Quadrupole ICP-MS Concentration of metals, REE, some major elements in a wide variety of sample types and over a large dynamic range
IRMS: Carbon isotope analyzer - Picarro CRDS Isotopic analysis of CH4 and CO2 in gas samples
IRMS: Costech Elemental Analyzer Determination of elemental and isotopic compositions of C and N, most frequently in soils, plant matter, and organic matter.
IRMS: Gas Chromatography-Combustion (GC-C) and Gas Chromatography-Thermal Conversion (GC-TC) Mass Spectrometer Compound-specific analysis of C, N, O, and H.
IRMS: GasBench and Heating Block Carbonate C and O isotope analysis, O and H analysis of waters, and headspace gas analysis. 
IRMS: LGR DLT-100 Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer Laser-based absorption involving off-axis integrated-cavity laser spectroscopy
IRMS: OI Analytical TOC Analyzer Determination of total dissolved inorganic C and total dissolved organic C
IRMS: Thermo Scientific Delta Plus Advantage Isotope ratio mass spectrometry. The Delta Plus can be attached to either a TOC analyzer or an elemental analyzer for C isotopes in waters or C and N in solids. Ours has no H collectors and is limited to C, N, O, and S analysis.
IRMS: Thermo Scientific MAT 253 High resolution isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Can be used for TC/EA, gas bench, or GCC sample introduction peripherals.
IRMS: Thermochemical Elemental Analyzer (TC/EA) Determination of total C, H, N, and O content in a wide range of organic and inorganic substances. Coupling the TC/EA to the MAT 253 allows us to measure H and O ratios of waters and solids.
PREP: Allegra X-14 Benchtop centrifuge Swing bucket and rotor set ups for sample separation
PREP: Ball mill - Spex-Certiprep 8000D - GWC Milling of solid samples for analysis
PREP: CEM Discover Microwave Digestion System Digestion or extraction of sample with elevated temperature and pressure, usually with the addition of acid. Common applications include soils, minerals and rocks, sediments, sludges, plant and animal tissues, water, and dairy.  
PREP: CEM Microwave Digestion System Digestion or extraction of sample usually via addition of acid, heat, and pressure
PREP: Cryo mill - Spex 6770 - GWC Milling of solid samples for analysis
PREP: Cutting mill - Wiley Cutting or grinding fibrous materials that are not suited to ball milling
PREP: Elemental Scientific PrepFAST MC Low pressure chromatography to isolate elements of interest from the sample matrix and collect multiple discrete fractions for precise isotopic analysis.
PREP: Microbalance - Sartorius 2 models of Sartorius balances for milligram and sub-milligram sample weighing
PREP: Microbalance - Sartorius CP2P Milligram and sub-milligram sample weighing
PREP: Muffle furnace - Fisher Isotemp 550 Furnace for drying or ashing samples
PREP: Muffle Furnace - ThermoLyne 6000 Drying or ashing samples at temperatures up to 975 deg C. Suitable for ashing glassware for organic samples or ashing organic material in biological and geological samples.