The Mass Spectrometry Facility located in the Biodesign Institute provides mass spectrometry analysis to research groups at ASU and outside organizations requiring analysis of protein, peptides and small molecules. Researchers may utilize walk up use instruments for their projects, or submit their samples to the core facility staff for analysis. A wide variety of research areas such as environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological may be accommodated.  

Assortments of instruments are available to accommodate a multitude of research areas and types of mass spectrometry analysis. Exact mass identification, protein/peptide/small molecule identification, quantification of protein/peptides or small molecules in a variety of matrices, various ionization methods such as MALDI, ESI, and APCI, purification by HPLC Fractionation, and in-gel trypsin digestion are just a few of the popular services offered. 

The facility can utilize standard methods for sample purification and mass spectrometry analysis or design a custom method and workflow for protein, peptide, and small molecule targets. Once your data has been acquired, the core offers data analysis and interpretation services to explain results in detail. Figures for publication and written materials may also be requested. Please consult with facility staff to determine the workflow and methods that will best suit your specific project.