The ARM200F is an aberration corrected STEM equipped with both an x-ray spectrometer and a special, newly developed electron spectrometer, with ultra-fast EELS that allows atomic level mapping. The instrument is part of ASU's Southwestern Center for Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy. The ARM200F offers resolution of 0.8 Angstrom at 200kV, 120kV and 80Kv. The JEOL ARM is also equipped to perform tomographic imaging, a technique often used for research in medical technology.

The ARM 200 is equipped with a Schottky field emission gun and a CEOS CESCOR hexapole aberration corrector that enables imaging resolution of 78 picometers, and beam current densities of 8 nanoamps per square nanometer. It is equipped with a JEOL 50 square millimeter (0.3 St.) windowless light-element-sensitive X-ray detector and a Gatan Enfinium EELS (Electron Energy Loss) spectrometer for high spatial resolution, high sensitivity microanalysis. This exclusive spectrometer can acquire one thousand 2,000 channel spectra per second in dual EELS mode covering a range of over 3,500 electron volts.
The microscope can be operated in high angle and medium angle annular dark-field STEM modes as well as brightfield and annular brightfield modes. It is also equipped with a Gatan slow scan CCD camera for recording high resolution, high S/N TEM images with 1.9Å Scherzer resolution and a Gatan Orius CCD cameras for recording electron diffraction patterns. There is a 64-bit, 32 GB computer for recording large data set 4D diffraction images. Specimen holders allow basic single tilt, low background double tilt, and tomography with a 75 degree tilt range.

Here are links to two posters illustrating the ARM's capability to perform precession electron diffraction and strain mapping using a powerful analytical tool called Topspin.


  • Imaging Modes: STEM HAADF, MAADF, BF, ABF and TEM
  • Accelerating Voltage: 200, 120 and 80 KV
  • Cs: Sub micron STEM, : 0.5mm TEM,
  • Resolution: 78 picometers STEM, 0.19nm Scherzer
  • Focused Probe: sub angstrom
  • Source: Schottky Field Emission
  • Tilt Range: ±15° imaging, ±75° tomography

Ancillary Equipment

  • Orius and Ultrascan CCD cameras
  • EELS - Enfinium spectrometer
  • EDS - Oxford Ultim Max TLE SDD - 100mm2 and 0.7 srad solid angle.
  • Single-Tilt, Double-Tilt and Tomography Holders
  • 64-bit Gatan Digital micrograph and Diffraction Imaging


Manuel Roldan Gutierrez
Associate Research Scientist

  • Aberration corrected TEM/STEM
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