Equipment Techniques
Bio EM Sample prep Sample preparation
Ellipsometer (M2000) Optical spectroscopy
FT-IR (PerkinElmer Frontier FTIR) Optical spectroscopy
Furnaces Materials processing and calorimetry
General Lab Materials processing and calorimetry
Ion Beam Analysis of Materials (IBeAM) Ion beam analysis of materials
Multi-Anvil Press High-pressure synthesis
Profilometer - Optical (ZeScope) Surface imaging
Profilometer - Stylus (Bruker Dektak XT) Surface imaging
Raman / AFM (Witec Alpha 300 RA+) Optical spectroscopy, Surface imaging
Raman Spectrometer (custom built multi-wavelengths) Optical spectroscopy
Residual Gas Analysis (SRS200) Materials processing and calorimetry
Scanning Probe/ Atomic force Microscopy (SPM/AFM) Surface imaging
SEM Electron Microprobe Analyzer SEM, Quantitative X-ray analysis
SEM prep - CleanMill Broad Ion System SEM preparation, sample polishing
SEM/FIB Focused Ion Beam - Helios 5 UX (ThermoScientific) Focused ion beam and sample preparation
SEM/FIB Focused Ion Beam - Nova 200 NanoLab (FEI) Focused ion beam and sample preparation
SEM/FIB Focussed Ion Beam - Auriga (Zeiss) SEM, FIB, EBSD, EDS
Small Angle X-ray Scattering - SAXS Xenocs Xeuss 3.0 SAXS, X-ray diffraction, SAXS/WAXS, Sample Temperature Control, Simultaneous Tensile/Scattering, Radiographic Image Mapping, Biosolution Scattering with pipeting Robot
TEM/STEM ARM200F (JEOL) Aberration corrected TEM/STEM
TEM/STEM Nion Monochromate UltraSTEM 100 Aberration corrected TEM/STEM, 4D-STEM, Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
TEM/STEM Talos F200i - coming soon TEM/STEM
TEM/STEM Talos L120C (TFS) TEM, Life Science Electron Microscopy.
TEM/STEM Titan 300/80 (FEI) Aberration corrected TEM/STEM
Thermal Analysis (TGA/DTA/DSC) Materials processing and calorimetry
UV-Vis Spectrometers (Perkin Lambda 950) Optical spectroscopy
X-ray absorption spectroscopy - SigRay QuantumLeap H2000 XAS, EXAFS, X-ray absorption spectroscopy
X-ray Diffractometer - High Resolution - Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffraction
X-ray Diffractometer - Powder (Malvern PANalytical Aeris) X-ray diffraction
X-ray Diffractometer - STOE STADI P Dual Transmission X-ray diffraction
X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer -Energy Dispersive (Bruker S2 PUMA) X-ray fluorescence
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Kratos Axis Supra +) Surface composition
X-ray Topography (Rigaku XRT-100) X-ray diffraction