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Equipment Cost for ASU Internal Cost for ASU Internal with Staff Assistance Cost for Other Academic/Non-Profit Cost for Other Academic/Non-Profit with Staff Assistance
Bio EM Sample prep Contact us for rates Contact us for rates Contact us for rates Contact us for rates
Ellipsometer (M2000) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
FT-IR / FT-Raman (Bruker IFS66V/S and PerkinElmer Frontier FTIR) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
Furnaces $15/day $38/h+day $57/day $83/h+day
Gas-Mixing Furnace $15/day $38/h+day $57/h+day $83/h+day
General Lab $15/day $38/h+day $57/h+day $83/h+day
Ion Beam Analysis of Materials (IBeAM) $36/h $74/h $109/h $192/h
Multi-Anvil press $157.50/run $38/h+run $272/run $83/h+run
Piston Cylinder $142/run $38/h+run $272/run $83/h+run
Profilometer - optical (ZeScope) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
Profilometer - Stylus (Bruker Dektak XT) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
Raman / AFM (Witec Alpha 300 RA+) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
Raman Spectrometer (custom built multi-wavelengths) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
Residual Gas Analysis (SRS200) $14/run $38/h+run $53/run $83/h+run
Scanning Probe/ Atomic force Microscopy (SPM/AFM) $21/h $59/h $53/h $136/h
SEM Electron Microprobe Analyzer $45/h $83/h $83/h $166/h
SEM JEOL JSM6300 (Bio) $30/h $68/h $36/h $119/h
SEM SNE-4500M table top $36/h $74/h $115/h $198/h
SEM/FIB Focused Ion Beam - Helios 5 UX (ThermoScientific) $64/h $102/h $127/h $210/h
SEM/FIB Focused Ion Beam - Nova 200 NanoLab (FEI) $64/h $102/hr $127/h $210/h
SEM/FIB Focussed Ion Beam - Auriga (Zeiss)
TEM/STEM 2010F (JEOL) $48/h $86/h $115/h $198/h
TEM/STEM ARM200F (JEOL) $72/h $110/h $144/h $224/h
TEM/STEM CM200-FEG (Philips) $48/h $86/h $115/h $198/h
TEM/STEM Nion Monochromate UltraSTEM 100 $721/day $38/h+day $1200/day $83/h+day
TEM/STEM Philips CM 12 TEM (Bio) $35/h $73/h $41/h $124/h
TEM/STEM Titan 300/80 (FEI) $72/h $110/h $144/h $227/h
TEM/STEM Titan Krios (FEI) $760/day $38/h+day $1500/day $83/h+day
Thermal Analysis (TGA/DTA/DSC) $6.25/h $44.25/h $37/h $120/h
UV-Vis Spectrometers (Perkin Lambda 950) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
X-ray Diffractometer - High Resolution (PANalytical X'Pert PRO MRD) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
X-ray diffractometer - Powder (Bruker D8) $18/h $56/h $60/h $143/h
X-ray Diffractometer - Powder (Malvern PANalytical Aeris) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h
X-ray diffractometer - Single Crystal (Bruker Smart APEX) $19/h $57/h $60/h $143/h
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer -Energy dispersive (Bruker S2 PUMA) $31/h $69/h $93/h $176/h
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (VG 220i-XL) $41/h $79/h $69/h $152/h
X-ray topography (Rigaku XRT-100) $27/h $65/h $60/h $143/h