TEM/STEM Titan 300/80 (FEI)


The FEI Titan ETEM is an aberration-corrected, monochromated, environmental TEM ideally suited for observing functional materials at the atomic level. It features a unique differentially-pumped objective lens design, allowing the specimen chamber to be a “nano laboratory” for the study of catalytic nanoparticles, nanodevices and other functional nanomaterials. Researchers can observe in real-time the evolution of the structure, morphology and composition of nanomaterials under a variety of stimuli, including gas and temperature.

The Titan microscope is also capable of exceptional atomic-resolution imaging of materials in high-vacuum. Accelerating voltages of 80, 200 and 300 kV means that a wide range of specimens can be accommodated, including radiation-sensitive materials. At the lower accelerating of 80kV, near 1-Angstrom resolution can be achieved owing to the improved performance afforded by the monochromator.

The Titan is equipped with a biprism, which enables researchers to perform electron holography to measure the electric and magnetic fields generated by nanomaterials. It can also be operated in Lorentz mode, where its exceptional stability and special Lorentz lens design allows fields to be measured with higher signal-to-noise, higher sensitivity and higher spatial resolution.


  • Accelerating Voltage: 80, 200 and 300 kV
  • Imaging Cs corrector (CETCOR)
  • Gun monochromator: 0.1eV energy resolution
  • Environmental TEM mode/Standard High-vacuum mode
  • X-FEG high brightness emitter gun
  • Lorentz mode
  • Biprism at selected area aperture plane for electron holography
  • Heating and cooling stages

Access Policies 

The Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (CHREM) is organized to provide easy access to instruments by campus-wide ASU researchers, as well as external clients. Facility use is a telephone call or e-mail message away.

Most samples can be accommodated in CHREM microscopes. The exception may be those that are particularly hazardous to human health. No radioactive samples, and the sample must survive in a vacuum and under the electron beam.


Piyush Haluai

Manuel Roldan Gutierrez
Associate Research Scientist

  • Aberration corrected TEM/STEM
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