ANALYTICAL: Agilent 7890 automated gas analyzer


This gas chromatography analyzer is set up to quantify three common greenhouse gases simultaneously. The analysis of air and headspace gas content is useful for environmental monitoring, soil gas flux, catalysis research, closed chamber respiration studies and more. The flame ionization detector signals for methane and the micro-cell electron capture detector will detect nitrous oxide content. A third Li-820 detector directly measures carbon dioxide. Automated injections allow for swift and simultaneous analysis. Other analysis such as sulfur hexafluoride may also be analyzed.

  • Detection of greenhouse gases CO2/CH4 and N2O via Li-820 CO2 detector, FID for CH4 and ECD for N2O.
ASU Unit
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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Setup and calibration $30 $40  
Instrument use $24.10/sample $65.90/sample