ANALYTICAL: CHN elemental analysis – PE 2400


The PE 2400 is a conventional elemental analyzer. It operates by flash combustion of the specimen encapsulated in tin cups or disks whereby the specimen is completely combusted at a temperature of 1,760 C. The resulting gases are chemically scrubbed of the halogens (and of sulfur in the CHN mode) and are separated in a GC column. Detection is conducted by a thermal conductivity detector. Total C, H and N are calculated with a precision of 0.1g. Element ratios are more significant since they minimize instrument error. Molar element ratios may be reliably reported for up to three decimal places.

  • Flash combustion of sample for TCD determination of carbon, hydrogen or nitrogen
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Setup fee $70 $90 Setup fee includes calibration, QC's and blanks.
Analysis $6.50/sample $25/sample