ANALYTICAL: Flow injection analysis - Lachat QC 8000


The QC 8000 determines analyte concentrations using colorimetry to detect changes in color produced by the presence of analytes. It is typically used for automated testing of water, wastewater and sea water. It is capable of measuring a wide range of analytes, given the appropriate manifold configuration and filter. Currently we are able to measure ammonia, phosphate, chloride, nitrate, and nitrite. It can be expanded to measure dozens of other analytes as well. The instrument is equipped with a 360 position autosampler for multiple sample analysis and an autodilutor for dilution of off-scale samples. It is capable of processing a combination of two analytes simultaneously.

  • Flow injection colorimetric analysis of water, waste water, seawater and extracts
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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Setup fee $25/analyte $35/analyte Setup includes calibration, QC and blank analyses
Flow injection analysis $2.25/sample/analyte $15/sample/analyte