ICP: Thermo Scientific Quadrupole ICP-MS


The Quadrupole ICP-MS (iCap-Q) is used for rapid, precise and accurate trace (<1000 ppm) element determinations in liquid and solid samples, isotopic determinations, and speciation studies. The iCap-Q features a stable plasma source capable of ionizing most elements of the periodic table, an interface system to transfer ions from the high temperature (6000-10,000°K- atmospheric pressure (760 torr) environment of the Ar plasma into the mass spectrometer analyzer region at room temperature and low pressure (10-5 torr), technology to remove interferences, and  an autosampler is capable of handling 240 15- ml samples at a time.

  • Concentration of metals, REE, some major elements in a wide variety of sample types and over a large dynamic range
ASU Unit
Knowledge Enterprise
Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Equipment setup $70/session $90/session  
ICP-MS analysis, <60 samples $12.25/sample $17/sample  
ICP-MS analysis, >60 samples, or <3 elements $8.65/sample $11.9/sample  
ICP-MS analysis, custom element list or difficult samples $15.85/sample $22.10/sample  
Thermo Scientific Quadrupole ICP-MS