PREP: CEM Discover Microwave Digestion System


The CEM Discover Microwave Digestion System subjects samples to heat and pressure to radically decrease processessing time. Samples are processed in series, allowing optimization of pressure and temperature conditions per samples, and may process in as little as 10 minutes each. Digestions vessles are pyrex with optional teflon liners. The system will accommodate 48 samples of 10-20 mL volume (including digestion reagents). Following digestion or extraction, the vessel cools rapidly to exothermic reactions that may occur during prolonged cooling. This system can be used to digest or extract a wide variety of solid and liquid materials. 

  • Digestion or extraction of sample with elevated temperature and pressure, usually with the addition of acid. Common applications include soils, minerals and rocks, sediments, sludges, plant and animal tissues, water, and dairy.  
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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Microwave sample digestion $9/sample $17/sample  
CEM Discover Microwave Digestion System