NanoFab facilitates multidisciplinary research efforts for ASU affiliated faculty and external researchers. Our class 100 cleanroom contains a wide array of equipment and there is critical infrastructure and professional technical support available to help you achieve your research goals.

Featured projects

Nanoporous diatom shells on silicon chips

Biomineralized Diatom shells exhibit impressive features, such as a hierarchical pore structure with the smallest pores having a diameter of 40 nanometers. This structure makes them extraordinarily mechanically stable, while allowing a short pore length. This makes them very attractive for nanoparticle filtration applications, the study of cell-to-cell communication and ion channel sensors based on nanoscale bilayer lipid membranes.

The purpose of this project was to combine the advantages of the Diatom shells with silicon-based MEMS devices. At the ASU NanoFab facility, photolithography and deep reactive ion etching is used to create through-wafer vias in silicon to allow fluidic access to the thin nanomembranes.

Researchers: M. Goryll, B. L Ramakrishna and Sandwip K. Dey

Plasma lithography for cell networks formation

A versatile plasma lithography technique is developed to generate stable surface patterns for guiding cellular attachment.This technique is applied to create cell networks including those that mimic natural tissues and has been used for studying several, distinct cell types. In particular, we have applied this method to form diverse networks with different cell types for transformative investigations in collective cell migration, intercellular signaling, tissue formation, and the behavior and interactions of neurons arranged in a network.

Researchers: M. Junkin and P. K. Wong.
Publication: “Probing Cell Migration in Confined Environments by Plasma Lithography”, Biomaterials, vol. 32, pp. 1848-1855, 2010

3D flexible device fabrication project (NSF) and micro lunar seismometers project (NASA)

In this project we fabricated flexible and stretchable 3D micro devices using 1) surface micromachining of polymer with full flexibility, 2) thin film transferring technology with fully stretchability, 3) laser dynamic forming on 3D surface to deform or bond pre-fabricated thin film flexible micro devices on 3D micro surface structure.

Another objective was to develop a high-performance, lightweight, low-power consumption, robust seismometer for lunar and Mars exploration, collaborating with seismologists at ASU and MET technology Inc. using molecular electronic transducers for seismology measurement.

Researchers: Hongyu Yu
Funding: NSF, NASA

Additional NanoFab projects

Nano-antennae array fabricated using electron beam lithography and metal lift-off. The structure is intended for application in rapid DNA sequencing using fluorescence enhancement.

Cross-section of a membrane containing 30 million nanopores each with a diameter of 40 nm for protein separation. The nanopore array is etched into a silicon-on-insulator substrate using a combination of electron beam lithography and deep silicon etching.



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