PlasmaLab M80 Plus – Chlorine


The PlasmaLab M80 Plus – Chlorine is an open load reactive ion etch system. Process gases are BCl3, Cl2, N2, CF4, O2 and Ar. The system is for the etching of compound semiconductors and metals. Masks allowed in this system are photoresist and dielectrics. This tool requires pre-requisite training on other techniques: metrology.

Wafer Size: Designed for 100 mm. 200 mm maximum. Wafers smaller than 100 mm and irregularly shaped samples can be placed directly on platen.
Platen Size: 238 mm
Power Range: < 270 Watts
MFC Flow Range:
           BCl3:   0 – 100 sccm
           Cl2:     0 – 50 sccm
           CF4:    0 – 100 sccm
           O2:      0 – 50 sccm
           Ar:       0 – 100 sccm
           N2:      0 – 100 sccm
Pressure Range: < 250 mTorr

Learn more about dry etch deposition technique and the associate tools, such as reactive ion etching.

  • Dry etch, reactive ion etching
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PlasmaLab M80 Plus – Chlorine