Education and outreach

Regenerative Medicine and Bioimaging Facility 

Training is provided for all instruments in the Regenerative Medicine and Bioimaging Facility. Submit a request for training online in iLabs or set up an appointment with the manager, Page Baluch.

ASU courses with a focus in microscopy: 

  • Bioimaging (BIO504)
  • Bioimaging Lab (BIO503)
  • Advanced Microscopy Journal club (BIO589)
  • Cell Biotechnology (BIO451/551)



One of the activities the Regenerative Medicine and Bioimaging Facility has participated in is the Ugly Bug Contest. This was in collaboration with Ask a Biologist. Resources are available for K-8 teachers to teach kids about microscopes and the microscopic world.

Each September, volunteers from the Regenerative Medicine and Bioimaging Facility collaborate with the NAU Histology Core to provide microscope-based activities at the annual Flagstaff Festival of Science. The festival is a 10-day event but the Microscopy event is always the second Saturday and is open to the public. 

The Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society (AIMS) is a statewide group of microscope professionals at all career stages. Each year they host an annual conference at one of the state universities to promote education and networking. The conference is held each March and current information about upcoming events can be found at   

The Sun Devil Microscopy Club is a group of students and faculty with an interest in microscopy who organize monthly seminars and workshops. A list of current events can be found here or the SunDevilSync site. Students are welcome to join!