Equipment Techniques
BIF - Cell culture facility
BIF - EVOS live cell imaging platform Live-cell imaging, 3-color imaging, Brightfield, Extended time-lapse
BIF - Nikon AX R laser scanning confocal microscope Live-cell imaging, Z-stacking, Large image acquisition, Multipoint automated time-lapse, Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
BIF - Nikon SIM-E Structured illumination microscope Super-resolution, Live-cell imaging, Z-stacking, 3-color imaging
BIF - Nikon Ti2-E Inverted fluorescence microscope Live-cell imaging, Wide-field fluorescence, TIRF, Large image acquisition, Rapid triggered acquisition , Multipoint automated time-lapse 
BIF – Zeiss 880 confocal with Airyscan Live-cell imaging, Z-stacking, Large image acquisition, Time-lapse, Spectral imaging, Seven excitation laser lines, Airyscan super-resolution
RMBF - EVOS FL Auto Live Cell Imaging System Cell counting, Live-cell imaging, Tiling, Transmitted/color, phase and fluorescent imaging
RMBF - Leica SP5 AOBS Spectral Confocal - Unavailable FRET, FRAP, 3D image reconstruction, Time-lapse, High quality fluorescence imaging
RMBF - Leica SP8 White Light Laser Confocal with Light Sheet light sheet, FRET, FRAP, Live-cell imaging, Tiling, Lambda scanning, image processing and analysis, resonant scanner mode capable of 28fps at 512 x 512, photon counting/gating, SVI Huygens deconvolution and 3D rendering, electrophysiology trigger
RMBF - Nikon SMZ800 Dissection Microscope with Nanoject III microinjection, dissection
RMBF - Olympus VS200 Slide Scanner Brightfield, whole slide scanner, Polarized imaging, darkfield imaging, High quality fluorescence imaging
RMBF - Prairie Ultima IV 2-Photon Microscope - Unavailable Time-lapse, Multiphoton imaging and oblation