BIF - Nikon AX R laser scanning confocal microscope


This confocal microscope uses excitation lasers with wavelengths of 402, 448, 488, 514, 561 and 640 nm. It can detect emitted light ranging from blue to far-red. You can combine confocal scans with differential interference contrast (DIC) imaging. The microscope is equipped with advanced GaAsP detectors for high sensitivity, high-speed resonant scanning and noise-reducing software. It can achieve a sharpness (lateral resolution) of about 120 nm. Additionally, it comes with a 514 nm laser for FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy).

  • Live-cell imaging
  • Z-stacking
  • LargeĀ image acquisition
  • Multipoint automated time-lapse
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Confocal $37/hour $47/hour Inquire for extended session fees.