BIF - Nikon Ti2-E Inverted fluorescence microscope


This is a motorized fluorescence microscope with Lumencor Spectra-X LED light source as well as wide spectrum Xenon excitation, Photometrics sCMOS camera with 95% quantum efficiency, high speed filter wheel with ~20 µsec switching, and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) system with 405, 488 and 561 nm laser excitation.

  • Live-cell imaging
  • Wide-field fluorescence
  • TIRF
  • Large image acquisition
  • Rapid triggered acquisition
  • Multipoint automated time-lapse 
ASU Unit
Knowledge Enterprise
Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Wide-field $16/hour $20/hour Inquire for extended session fees. 
TIRF $30/hour $38/hour Inquire for extended session fees. 
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