RMBF - Leica SP5 AOBS Spectral Confocal


The Leica SP5 has four laser lines (405,488[458, 476, 496, 514] 561, and 633nm and is capable of capturing 5 channels which includes a DIC brightfield detector. The microscope is an upright DM6000 and has a motorized stage. Other features include; pixel resolution up to 8000x8000, AOTF laser modulation, 200 degree field rotation, standard objective set plus a 20x multi-emersion objective, and a electrophysiology software package. 

Technical specifications 

  • TCS SP5 AOBS Spectral Confocal scanner mounted on a Leica DM6000 upright fluorescent microscope
  • 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, 633)
  • 4 prism spectrophotometer detectors
  • 405, 458, 476, 488, 514, 561, and 633nm laser excitation lines
  • Adjustable emissions bandwidth for customized collection of fluorescence [tunable filters]
  • Objectives include: 5x, 10x, and 20x dry, 20x (oil, water, glycerol), 40x, 63x and 100x oil and 63x water immersion
  • 10x, 40x, and 63x dipping lenses
  • Galvanometer precision z-stage capable of mapping and montage image capture [tiling]
  • Transmitted light detector with automated DIC optics
  • Leica confocal software (LSC) for multi-dimensional image series acquisition, image processing and analysis, 3D reconstruction and measurement, FRET, FRAP, Lambda Scanning (spectral analysis), dye separation and multicolor restoration.
  • FRET
  • FRAP
  • 3D image reconstruction
  • Time-lapse
  • High quality fluorescence imaging
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Leica SP5 AOBS Spectral Confocal