RMBF - Prairie Ultima IV 2-Photon Microscope


The Prairie Ultima IV 2-Photon Microscope comes equipped with an Ultimal IV in vivo laser scanning microscope with an X-Y translation stage. The laser system includes a Spectra Physics MaiTai laser capable of multiphoton imaging and oblation. The system has 2 PMTS with filters set at 585-629nm (Ch1) and 490-560nm (Ch2) and a 660nm IR Blocker.

  • Time-lapse
  • Multiphoton imaging and oblation
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ASU Unit
Knowledge Enterprise
Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Unassisted use $35/hour $50.50/hour Maximum 4 hour charge per day
Technical assistance $50/hour $121.20/hour  
Materials: frosted glass slides $10/box $10/box Double frosted micro slides used in various microscopy applications. A box includes 72 slides measuring 3” x 1”.
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Prairie Ultima IV 2-Photon Microscope