ICP: Agilent 5900 optical emission spectrometer (with SVDV)


The Agilent 5900 SVDV ICP-OES system is an optical emission spectrometer designed for high-throughput and efficiency. Synchronous Vertical Dual View (SVDV), which utilizes the unique Dichroic Spectral Combiner (DSC) allows both the axial and radial views of the plasma to be captured in one reading, delivering accurate results in the quickest possible time. The IntelliQuant software function quickly screens samples, determining the approximate concentration of up to 70 elements. It automatically identifies unexpected spectral interferences and recommends alternative wavelengths that are free from interference. Detection limits vary by element but are typically in the low to sub-ppb (ug/L) level.

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma detection using radial or duo plasma with axial option source for elemental or metal determination
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Service ASU rate Nonprofit/other academic rate Notes
Setup fee $74.90 $96.30 Setup includes calibration, QC and blank analyses
Analysis $9/sample $26.80/sample 30% discount for >60 samples, 30% additional charge for solvent/difficult samples


Agilent 5900 ICP-OES