IRMS: Carbon isotope analyzer - Picarro CRDS


The Picarro G2201-i CRDS analyzer is capable of simultaneous measurement of carbon isotopes from both CO2 and CH4. The G2201-i operates in one of three modes: CO2-only mode, CH4-only mode, and combined CO2/CH4 mode. The Small Sample Isotope Module 2 (SSIM2) expands the measurements that can be made with the Picarro δ13C analyzers for CO2 and CH4. This allows user to:

  • run gas samples as small as 20 ml at ambient CO2 or CH4 concentrations
  • measure microliter volumes of high-concentration samples with built-in dilution capability
  • inject samples by syringe
  • Isotopic analysis of CH4 and CO2 in gas samples
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Analysis $12.25/sample $17/sample No charge for maintenance and method development