ASU NanoFab offers the expertise and equipment to fabricate micro- and nano-scale devices in a 3,800 square-foot Class 100 cleanroom and eight auxiliary labs. Academic, industrial and government researchers utilize the labs and equipment to fabricate silicon, compound semiconductor, micro-electro-mechanical (MEMs), nano-fluidic, and optoelectronic devices. Skilled staff are on hand for assistance as well. Several staff members have more than 25 years of experience in this area. Areas of expertise and capability include:

  • Optical and electron beam lithography.
  • Wet and dry etch techniques including XeF2, Si deep reactive ion etch, inductively coupled plasma and plasma etching.
  • Thin film deposition including electron beam evaporation, sputtering, ALD, LPCVD nitride, parylene and PECVD dielectrics.
  • Thermal processing tools, i.e. wet and dry oxide, poly silicon, n and p type doping, and rapid thermal anneal.
  • Process and device characterization tools.

The techniques used include: