03. KLA Zeta-300 optical profiler


The Zeta-300 optical profiler is a non-contact, 3D surfaces topography measurement system with integrated isolation options and configuration flexibility to support large sample dimensions. It provides comprehensive step height, roughness, and film thickness measurements, plus defect inspection capability. The system is powered by ZDot™ technology and multi-mode optics, enabling measurement of a variety of samples: transparent and opaque, low to high reflectance, smooth to rough texture, and step heights from sub-nanometer to millimeters.

  • Pyramid size and height in textured wafers
  • Fingers and busbar analysis
  • Fully automated measurements
  • Configurable for wafers with a diameter up to 300mm
  • Extended z-stage travel ranges up to 280mm for very tall samples
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KLA Zeta-300 optical profiler