Getting started

The Solar Fab Core (SF) is open to ASU students and faculty, researchers from external institutions, as well as industry users.

Safety Training In general, the mandatory safety training that is a prerequisite to working in the Solar Fab is basically a five-step process which is preferably completed in the order shown below.

  1. MTW Site Orientation offered approximately monthly by the Assistant EHS Director at MTW. Contact Brian McNamara at 480-727-8956 or to schedule your orientation.
  2. The “Laboratory Safety” class offered by ASU’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) group. Historically this was required to be taken in a classroom setting but it is now online given the coronavirus situation.
  3. The “Fire Safety/Prevention” class. With COVID-19, online may be the only option.
  4. The “Hazardous Waste Management Techniques for Labs” class. Once again, with COVID-19, online may be the only option.
  5. Lastly, SF-specific training is required. Acknowledgement of understanding of the contents of the associated SF Safety Guide and an agreement to follow the guidelines described therein is also required. Contact Bill Dauksher at 480-965-8723 or to schedule your training.

Building Access At the satisfactory completion of safety training, an ISAAC access form should be filled out. Access is usually granted within 24 hours.

Scheduling Equipment Training Training and equipment use will be scheduled through email until iLab is set up. Training length depends on the complexity of the equipment and the experience of the prospective user. Submit requests for equipment usage to

Scheduling Tool Time Scheduling tool time will be through email until iLab is set up. Contact Bill Dauksher at 480-965-8723 to book time on a piece of equipment.

Lyft Partnership SF is located in the ASU Research Park off of the Loop 101 and Elliot Road in Tempe. To encourage visitors from the Tempe campus, ASU has partnered with Lyft to offer a credit for trips between Tempe campus and the MacroTechnology Works building. If you would be interested in participating in this program, email your cell phone number and the name of the faculty member that you work with to