The Solar Fab employs an access-based fee system for working in the lab. Currently, there are effectively three modes for working in the lab. These are as follows:

  1. ASU internal use - ASU students, postdocs, and PIs process their own material.
  2. Contracted work - Solar Fab personnel perform processing for external entities.
  3. Visiting 3rd parties - Whether temporal or stationed at MTW, visitors, after appropriate safety and tool training, perform their own processing.

For ASU internal use and visiting 3rd parties, there is a monthly charge for each month in which access to the lab is made, and this is coupled with a daily charge levied for each day in a month in which access to the lab is made. The daily charge is capped after ten entries for a given month.

Irrespective of mode, access is open to all capabilities including texturing, cleaning, furnace runs, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, metallization, screen printing, plating, rapid thermal annealing, molecular beam epitaxy, metrology, and characterization.

The price structure is summarized in the table below.

Internal Rate Contracted Work Visiting 3rd Parties
Monthly Fee
Daily Charge
Monthly Fee
Daily Charge
$250, capped at $2500/month
$300, capped at $3000/month