Heidelberg MLA-300


The Heidelberg MLA 300 is a Maskless Aligner which uses a diode laser and a Spatial Light Modulator which acts like a dynamic mask to expose the wafer.  Because of the direct exposure from mask data, the overhead and expense of the procurement of physical masks along with storing, handling, and cleaning of masks is eliminated.  Writing performance for lines and spaces is 2 microns and minimum feature size is 1.0 microns.  Substrates up to 300 X 300 mm2 can be exposed. The Heidelberg comes with an autoloader.

The MLA 300 provides high throughput, simplified workflow and integration with manufacturing execution systems (MES). This tool is used for the production of sensors and sensor ICs, MEMS and microfluidic devices.

Expected arrival April 2023.

  • Lithography
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