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The Advanced Electronics and Photonics Core facility (AEP) is open to ASU students and faculty, and researchers from external institutions, as well as industry users.

AEP’s capabilities are multifaceted. For industry, AEP is a full-service foundry resource where processing is completed by on-site staff, or customers may participate in process development through scheduled use of equipment. AEP is also positioned as an educational resource, where students seeking hands-on experience can learn about process development and receive training on equipment.

The Safety and Usage Agreement for the AEP has recently changed. Please review it by clicking here. AEP Core does not allow entry into its labs unless there is an active iLab request for the time of entry. Unauthorized student use without a reservation will be billed at $40/hr for a minimum of 8 hours per violation.

To Schedule Equipment Training and Usage or to Request a Project

Equipment usage and training and project scheduling are now scheduled through iLab. Create an account by following the instructions on the iLab home page. Once you have an account, you can schedule equipment and training through the AEP Core iLab page.

To obtain building access/required training

You need to secure building access in order to use the AEP facility and equipment. If you do not, facility personnel must escort you during facility visits, and you will be billed for staff labor. If you have an ASU Sun Card already, please continue to the checklist below, otherwise start the ASU affiliate process here.

  1. Complete ASU’s Fire safety, Hazardous waste training and Lab safety courses. Visit ASU Environmental Health and Safety to take the courses.
  2. If you will be using Hydroflouric Acid, you must complete the Hydroflouric Acid Safety Training.
  3. Complete the MacroTechnology Works Site Orientation. The orientation is managed by the MTW EH&S group. Primary contact is Tara Vogelsang, (602) 767-3611,
  4. Each user requires at least one training session on the equipment of interest. The training includes instruction on cleanroom procedures (if in the cleanroom) and safety specific to the lab where the equipment is located. We do not provide access to any AEP Core labs without completion of at least one equipment training session associated with the lab of interest.
  5. Read the AEP Safety Handbook. When setting up your first training, you will have to acknowledge that you read and understand the handbook.
  6. Fill out the ISAAC access form, scan it and send it to Mike Marrs at (Note: Tara Vogelsang may be able to provide this after Site Orientation training, so please reach out to Tara.)
Partnership with Lyft

AEP is located in the ASU Research Park off of the Loop 101 and Elliot Road in Tempe. To encourage visitors from the Tempe campus, ASU has partnered with Lyft to offer a credit for trips between Tempe campus and the MacroTechnology Works building. If you would be interested in participating in this program, email your cell phone number and the name of the faculty member that you work with to