Hewlett-Packard 4284A LCR Meter


The HP4284A LCR Meter is a rack-mountable, GPIB-controllable inductance / capacitance bridge for versatile LCR measurements. The instrument is capable of measurements from 20Hz to 1MHz. The most popular use for this instrument is C-V testing of semiconductor devices. In this application the meter can test to a minimum capacitance of about 1pF; in practical application 10pF is more appropriate. The Device Under Test (DUT) can also be biased to a maximum of 40 volts for C-V sweeps. The applied test signal can be varied; voltages of 50mV – 1V p-p are most commonly utilized.

An attractive feature of the instrument is a series of pre-written Labview™ control routines, facilitating the integration of the instrument into an automated test environment. The instrument is sophisticated in terms of both theory and operational capability. Users desiring to fully utilize those capabilities are encouraged to study the operational manual thoroughly. 

The MTW engineers can provide suggestions and assistance with device-under-test (DUT) fixturing and Labview™ program control via GPIB.

  • Capacitance Testing, 20Hz – 1MHz
  • Capacitance-Frequency Sweeps
  • Capacitance-Voltage Sweeps
  • Inductance Measurement
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