Horiba GD-Profiler 2 Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer


GDOES combines a glow discharge (GD) from a plasma with an optical emission spectrometer (OES). This is an analytical technique that provides both the surface and depth profile of the bulk elemental composition of solid materials and layers quickly, and with high sensitivity to all elements.

A typical GD-ES instrument includes:

• A Glow Discharge source that creates a plasma used to sputter a sample and excite sputtered species

• An Optical Emission Spectrometer that collect the light, separated by wavelength, and measures the intensities

GD-OES can measure all elements from Hydrogen to Uranium, including Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Chlorine, Deuterium and is widely used for bulk analysis of metallic samples.

Under optimized conditions the crater shape on the sample, resulting from the sputtering, is flat allowing for depth profiling analysis with high depth resolution. GD-OES can be used for the characterization of coatings.

The capability of a technique to perform depth profiling from the first nanometer down to 150 μm deep into the materials can be of utmost importance for many applications including most advanced materials: lithium battery electrodes, photovoltaic cells, metals involving inorganic and organic coatings, heat sensitive materials, etc.

The GDOES in AEP Core has 36 PMT detectors and can measure 36 periodic table elements.

The list is the elements that can be detected with GDOES in AEP Core.

Elements table

Elements table



Ultra Fast Elemental Depth Profile Analysis

Tens on nm/second (but optical signals can be collected faster)

Thick & Thin films - from top surface down to 150μm with possibly nanometric depth resolution

Thickness real time measurement with DiP

Pulsed RF plasma source sputtering suitable for all multilayered solid materials

Synchronized acquisition with the pulses.



Films with metal and metal oxide particles

Electrodes of Li-ion batteries

Magnetron sputtering deposition

Organic and organic/inorganic multilayered materials

Mobile phone screen cover

Electroplated coating

Perovskite solar cells



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Horiba GD-Profiler 2