Horiba GD-Profiler 2 Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer - COMING SOON


GDOES combines a glow discharge (GD) with an optical emission spectrometer (OES). This is an analytical technique that provides both the surface/depth profile and the bulk elemental composition of solid materials and layers quickly, and with high sensitivity to all elements.

Operation involves the controlled sputtering of a representative area of the sample to be analyzed by the GD plasma and the simultaneous OES observation of the sputtered species. The GD technique is destructive. A crater is made in the sample after analysis.

The technique is extremely fast and depth resolution can be excellent (nm level) if sample is flat over the sputtered area.

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Automatic Film Applicator $25/hr $30/hr Expected Arrival: November 2022
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Horiba GD-Profiler 2