Keithley 2611A Sourcemeter


The 2611A Sourcemeter is a GPIB-controllable Source-Measure Unit (SMU) for general-purpose use. The instrument is lightweight, relatively easy to operate, and capable of measurements of 0 to 200 volts with currents in the range from 1pA to 1.5A. As configured by MTW, a practical current floor for the instrument is approximately 100pA.

An attractive feature of the instrument is a series of pre-written Labview™ control routines, facilitating use of the instrument without learning the front panel control operations. Additionally, the instrument can be integrated into an automated test environment. In a manual use scenario, users can access features not provided directly through the Labview™ interface.

The inputs to the instrument are provided via a customized cable providing access to device-under-test (DUT) connections via coaxial connectors.

The MTW engineers can provide suggestions and assistance with device-under-test DUT fixturing and Labview™ program control via GPIB.

This instrument is an excellent choice for users who require relatively simple I-V measurements, or those who would like to experiment with automatic data acquisition before progressing to more complex instruments and configurations.

  • Benchtop measurement of voltage, current
  • Voltage to 200v
  • Current to 1.5A
  • GPIB-based automated data acquisition
ASU Unit
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Equipment Use $5/hr $5/hr  
Keithley 2611A Sourcemeter