Labulk 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester


The Labulk 0335 is an intelligent tap density tester used to measure the tap density of powders. Designed to meet all currently known international standards. Features include auto measurement, auto print, and auto calculations of top density, and automatically measure the flowability of a powder such as Hausner Ratio and Compressibility Index.


  • Physical Property to measure: tap density, Hausner ratio, Compressibility Index
  • Sample Loading Volume: 5-250 mL
  • Timing range: 0-99999 sec
  • Counting range: 0-999999
  • Tap height: 3 or 14 mm
  • Frequency: 250/300/custom
  • Measurement: W33 x D31 x H23cm (cylinder excepted)
  • Tap Density Measurement
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